WEBSITE DONE and a flash version!

2009-03-27 19:51:52 by GlueyMcGee

flash version:

Look at that

2009-03-06 10:09:33 by GlueyMcGee

the music works and you can now sign up! REGISTER!:D:D:D

Website Completed!!

2009-01-05 15:50:24 by GlueyMcGee

I finally finished my website!!!!Go check it out! :)
(the only thing not working is the music tho :(

Makin a new website :D

2008-12-19 20:28:43 by GlueyMcGee

I'm not nearly done but check up on it for updates :D

I hope it will turn out well =D

Thanks for the great score!

2008-02-24 19:28:17 by GlueyMcGee

Thanks for the great score guys, im thinking about making another long one, but this time with a story!!

oh yeah, new, longer StoMo!

2008-02-22 21:11:08 by GlueyMcGee

I've been thinking about this for a while now, making an even longer stopmotion, that will not last 10-20 seconds like all of my other ones...Cuz Im on my break...I'll be making more than one!