Website Completed!!

2009-01-05 15:50:24 by GlueyMcGee

I finally finished my website!!!!Go check it out! :)
(the only thing not working is the music tho :(


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2009-01-05 17:21:01

don't put background music along the website.. please.. it's annoying..
just put i don't know.. like an option so the visitor can push a button or something and music is on..

it's a good advice

GlueyMcGee responds:

i didn't put background music XD I have a music player on the music page that doesn't work, too.. :( but thanks for the advice ;)


2009-01-11 08:13:10

Try out my FBF collab!

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2009-01-13 08:54:40

naic :D